Hello and welcome to your appointment!

Your first visit is 90 minutes long. This is where we get to know each other. There is some health history paperwork that you complete before you come or that you arrive early to fill out. After that we chat about your health history and your goals for treatment. I look at your tongue and “listen” to your pulses. Based on our conversation and my observations, I craft a session that meets your needs for the day while taking into consideration your overall balance.Then you lie down on a massage table for acupuncture, Aroma Point Therapy and some form of hands on work whether it is bodywork, gua sha, or cupping. I have my patients undress like they are getting a massage which might be different than other acupuncture treatments you may have had. I encourage feedback from you during treatment so I can learn your preferences. After your session we set up a treatment plan for you depending on what your goals are for your health and wellbeing. This might be a weekly visit for an acute or ongoing problem or a monthly visit for wellbeing. First visits are $95.00.

Follow up visits are 75 minutes. We do a 10 minute check in to see where you are that day then proceed to treatment. The session flow is similar to the initial visit. Follow up visits are $85.00.

I do not accept insurance but I can provide a detailed bill with all the proper codes for you to submit to your insurance company. A doctors referral every 30 days is required for treatments in the state of Pennsylvania if you are looking into insurance reimbursement.