IVF Support

I love to provide a place for you to be held while you are going through the journey of reproductive medicine.  My role is to help you maximize what you can control in the process. Good nutrition, stress reduction, optimizing your menstrual cycle and increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs can benefit you and increase your chances of success.   Ideally we would work together at least 3 months before any procedures to help get your body in balance before you start any medications. However, we can start wherever you are in the process. 

Acupuncture and IVF

To access the study in  Fertility and Sterility  click here:   Download Article (PDF)

To access the study in Fertility and Sterility click here:  Download Article (PDF)

IVF has become increasingly popular as an alternative for women who cannot conceive naturally. In 2002, a study published in Fertility and Sterility magazine reported increased success rates for IVF when acupuncture was applied before and after embryo transfer. This study helped open the door for acupuncturists to treat women at the hospital on the day of their transfer. Acupuncture not only helps with blood flow to the uterus, but it also helps to decrease anxiety on such an important day.

I like to work with women and their partners in the months leading up to embryo transfer, as well as the day of.  I recommended starting a course of acupuncture three months before your transfer.  Initially, we work together to set up an individualized treatment plan to improve your overall health.  As you move through the IVF protocol, I help you with the side effects of the medications, offer nutritional guidance and suggest mental /emotional tools to assist you in the process.  IVF is truly a journey and you don’t have to do it alone.